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We’re dedicated and truly passionate about making a difference.

Let’s work together to ensure a safe and secure, nurturing environment for all.

What We Do

ASPI set out to build its foundation on networking and strong relationships with a wide range of local and international players who contribute to the technical, financial and human resources that support collective and individual action for social good.

Critical insights and strategies allow us to offer a diverse spectrum of functions and services in South Africa and throughout the African region that is pertinent to inspiring development in others and which makes a substantial difference in all our lives.


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Our Difference

At ASPI our culture matters and it reflects in what we do. We mobilise commitment at all levels and will only work in partnership with organisations and individuals who have:

  • Critical values, attitudes and dispositions
  • A shared value and shared responsibility approach
  • A fundamental commitment to social justice
  • Kindness and empathy toward others