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About Us. Who We Are.

We are a capacity-building, non-profit organisation, focused on meeting the social and development needs of South Africa in the safety and security environment. This includes the provision of specialised solutions that make organisations more efficient and responsive. ASPI is incorporated as a Trust by the Master of the High Court of South Africa and is a registered NPO with the Department of Social Development. Our activities and the distribution of our income and capital is dedicated to charitable purposes and for public benefit.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a world in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute more and to achieve more in life.
Our mission is an African approach to global challenges where innovation, collaboration and transformation drive our core philosophy of working together to ensure a safe and secure, nurturing environment for all.

Our Goals and Objectives

Our main objective is to engage in awareness and education activities that promote a safer and empowered society, giving priority to the social-wellbeing of South African citizens.

Our ancillary objectives include:

    • Developing projects and resources that can be implemented in the general education environment.
    • Promoting the safe and responsible use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
    • Using individual and group activities to develop personal and social skills for all ages.
    • Acting as a hub for information, news, research, advice, tools and other resources.
    • Hosting and promoting teaching services, training seminars, conferences and events.
    • Fundraising and accepting donations to fund programmes that fulfill the objectives.
    • Providing support services to other organisations that have similar aims and objectives.

Our Values in Action

We believe when critical thinking and creative activity combine through strategic planning, incredible results is achieved. In pursuing and fulfilling our vision and mission, we achieve personal, organisational and social change through:

    • Innovation – motivating creativity and enhanced personal performance
    • Collaboration – providing a platform for social participation and interaction
    • Transformation – transferring knowledge and translating strategy into action

As this is the cornerstone of our approach to every engagement, along with the best interest of all stakeholders in mind and by being accountable, our actions are always focused on social good.